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best paddle boards brands

Choosing The Best Paddleboard – 10 Important Factors

By | iSUP | 8 Comments
Choosing the best paddleboard can seem like a serious challenge, especially if you’re new to the SUP scene but we’ll help you narrow down your choice with 10 important factors. Despite the fact that the sport of stand up paddleboarding is still fairly new and developing, there are a seemingly endless number of options available today when it comes to SUPs. All-around boards, touring models, shapes and profiles, inflatable SUPs, hard paddleboards — the list goes on and on. Let’s dig in! Read More

best paddle boards brands

SUP Safety Essentials

By | Knowledge | No Comments
Generally, the sport of paddleboarding is a safe activity that provides enjoyment for paddlers of all ages and skill levels. However, despite the fact that SUP is a fairly low-risk activity, there are some basic safety practices that you should follow each and every time you paddle out.

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Man and woman learn Thurso Surf iSUP setup steps

Inflatable SUP Setup Steps

By | Knowledge | 12 Comments
Setting up a THURSO SURF inflatable SUP is quick and easy, and it’s something anyone can do in about ten minutes. In this iSUP setup guide, we’ll take you step-by-step through the entire setup process and show you just how simple it really is.
After that, we’ll also show you exactly what to do after you’re done paddling and are ready to pack your board back up. Getting your board deflated and packed into the THURSO SURF iSUP backpack is even easier!

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man screws cap back on Thurso Surf iSUP while explaining isup repair guides

iSUP Repair Guides

By | Knowledge | No Comments
THURSO SURF inflatable paddle boards are extremely durable and designed to withstand heavy use. Despite this fact, there’s always the slight possibility that your board could develop a small air leak at some point in the future.
One of the big advantages of inflatable SUPs is that they are so easy to repair. Unlike hard boards which require costly and time consuming shop repairs, you can quickly and easily patch your own board and be right back on the water in no time.

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Man stands with Thurso Surf Waterwalker all-around SUP and his gear to answer iSUP FAQs

Inflatable SUP FAQs

By | Knowledge | 14 Comments
Paddle boarding is an excellent outdoor activity. The reason it has gained so much traction in recent years is likely due to its equal accessibility from beginners to advanced paddlers. Anyone can hop on a stand up paddle board and enjoy the great outdoors.

In this article, we’re taking aim at the things you want to know about the inflatable variety of stand up paddle boards. An inflatable SUP is a worthy alternative to a solid board. The main reason it has caught on is due to its portability. Stand up paddle boards are big and bulky, and difficult to lug around without a big car or a roof rack. And the main advantage is that they don’t sacrifice on performance!

Below are questions that you have asked about these popular boards. Hopefully these FAQs will answer your questions and have you hitting the water in no time.

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