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Thurso Surf inflatable paddle boards are highly portable, lightweight, and easy to store. They use the latest breakthroughs in drop-stitch technology and are impressively rigid like hard SUPs. Everything from the durable woven drop-stitched core to the military-grade PVC outer layers of Thurso Surf paddle boards is over-engineered to withstand high pressure and years of use. Each SUP package comes with best-in-class accessories including thoughtful upgrades that make it easy to get to the water and keep paddling all day long.

Waterwalker All-around Paddleboards

Our best-selling inflatable all-around paddle board, the Waterwalker, confidently goes to anywhere and does anything. Beginners and expert paddlers alike will love its versatility.

It’s the perfect match for any conditions–big ocean swells, flat water lakes, marinas, or bays, and river cruising. Its durable, best-in-class construction is engineered to last season after season of paddling with family, friends, kids, pets, from day trips to overnight excursions, yoga, fishing, fitness, surfing and more.

10 ft x 30 in x 6 in
Best performance: 100-150 lbs
Max Capacity: 260 lbs

10 ft 6 x 31 in x 6 in
Best performance: 130-180 lbs
Max Capacity: 300 lbs

11 ft x 32 in x 6 in
Best performance: 160-210 lbs
Max Capacity: 330 lbs

Expedition Touring Paddleboards

The Expedition Touring Paddle Boards are designed for explorers who travel far and move fast. Their tapered spearpoint shape significantly reduces drag, so you cut through the water and cover more distance than ever.

Speed, stability, durable construction, and ample deck space, make the Expedition Touring SUPs your partner for adventure. Your muscles will appreciate their increased glide, tracking and efficiency on long paddles whether you’re charging up the coast on an overnight trip or leaving friends and family in your wake.

11 ft 6 x 30 in x 6 in
Best performance: 130-180 lbs
Max Capacity: 330 lbs

12 ft 6 x 31 in x 6 in
Best performance: 160-210 lbs
Max Capacity: 400 lbs

11 ft 6 x 34 in x 6 in
Best performance: 200-300 lbs
Max Capacity: 370 lbs

The Max, our oversized all-around inflatable paddleboard is the SUV of SUPs! It’s made for moms, dads, kids, pets–anyone that could use a bit of extra ‘trunk’ space on board. The expansive cargo areas front and rear are ready to haul coolers and cargo, and its large displacement means it’s perfect for couples or heavier paddlers.

Find your zen on the Tranqulity Yoga SUP. At 34″ wide it’s a stable and oh-so-comfy platform to practice yoga and fitness. The extended non-slip traction pad (made from EVA foam found in yoga mats) covers you from head to toe. Offset grab handles make it comfortable to carry but stay out of your way during resting poses. Plenty of bungees handle your fitness gear, water bottle and snacks. Plus this paddle board is still made to move. Whether you’re finding your zen, or paddling with family and friends, the Tranquility is the one for you AND your yoga pup or child who wants to tag along!

10 ft 8 x 34 in x 6 in
Best performance: Up to 240 lbs
Max Capacity: 350 lbs

9 ft x 28 in x 4.7 in
Best performance: Up to 120 lbs
Max Capacity: 200 lbs

Freedom, speed, independence – the Adept is a youth SUP that’s been engineered to perform! It’s right-sized to offer smaller riders, kids and teens, acceleration and maneuverability without compromising thoughtful features typically restrcited to adult board like grab handles and deck bungee systems front and rear as well as an action cam mount. With uncompromising construction and a paddle to match it’s a serious step up for a young paddler!

The Prodigy Junior SUP is a paddle board designed especially for kids with zero compromise on high-quality construction and safety standards just like our adult boards. Its all-around shape is fun and easy for beginners to master from ages 5 and up. Extra wide at the center, it creates the stability and confidence your child needs to paddle out independently and keep up on family adventures. It accelerates fast and turns easily with its tapered tail and nose. Its handle makes a perfect hitch for a tow line and it comes with its own kid-sized paddle and carry bag!

7 ft 6 x 30 in x 4 in
Best performance: Up to 80 lbs
Max Capacity: 150 lbs

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