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Paddle Board Resource Hub2023-09-28T01:25:47-04:00

Paddle Board Resource Hub

SUP Resources to Keep on Deck

Below you’ll find a collection of our best SUP resources from how-to videos and quick-start guides to product manuals, lessons to get you set up, patched up, and out on the water. You’ll learn paddle board care and maintenance, the most effective stroke, how to get back on after a fall, and more! Don’t forget to bookmark this page so you can find your way back.

Paddle Board How-to Videos

Want to learn how to size your paddle, inflate your new paddle board, or find out if your pump gauge is reading accurately? Check out some of our most popular how-to videos below or head over to our video hub with all of our how-tos and the latest product videos.

Troubleshoot a leaky SUP valve

Troubleshoot a SUP pump’s gauge

How to store your paddle board

How to assemble, size, and hold your SUP paddle

How to set up your leash

How to transport your paddle board

SUP manuals

The adventure begins! Grab the your manual for your new paddle board below! In your quick-start guide you’ll learn how to set up your board, how to make sure it lasts for season after season, and how to pack it all away for storage and travel. Plus, everything you need to know about the awesome accessories included in your SUP package. Can’t wait to see you on the water!

Thurso Surf 2020 Waterwalker 120 Manual

Waterwalker 120 SUP Manual

Thurso Surf 2020 Waterwalker 126 Manual

Waterwalker 126 SUP Manual

Thurso Surf 2020 Waterwalker 132 Manual

Waterwalker 132 SUP Manual


Find answers to all of your SUP related questions! We’ve rounded up some of our best posts from our award-winning paddle boarding blog for you to browse below! Learn the basics and get started with our Beginner Paddle Board Lesson, or advance your skills with our Intermediate Lesson, get details on care and maintenance and more. Read on!

SUP Lessons


Do You Offer An Adjustable Paddle?2022-06-22T13:44:07-04:00

Not only are our paddles adjustable, you can even convert them into a kayak paddle! You can use your inflatable SUP as an inflatable kayak of sorts. The paddles offered in our add-on package are CARBON, which is superior to your typical aluminum paddle.

Thanks for reading! We appreciate all your questions and are dedicated to making sure you have the best experience possible. If you have more questions, feel free to comment below or contact us anytime!

What is the Weight Capacity?2022-06-22T13:44:33-04:00

The weight capacity of our boards will vary depending on the length. Typically, it can support 260 lbs on the smaller end, and 330 lbs on the longer end. Be sure to check out our convenient weight charts alongside our product descriptions.

Can I Do SUP Yoga On This?2022-06-22T13:44:42-04:00

For sure! Our stand up paddle boards are rigid and strong, and can support any activity that a rigid board can. If you are a dedicated yogi, a stand up paddle board yoga is an excellent alternative. The movement of the water tests your balance even further than normal yoga. This effectively works your stabilizer muscles harder, and gives you a tougher workout overall.

Is This Product Suitable For Beginners?2022-06-22T13:44:56-04:00

Definitely! As a beginner, you are unlikely to even notice the difference between this and a rigid SUP. In fact, paddleboarding in general is an excellent sport for beginners. So long as you can master the balance, you can be up and going in minutes.

Some tips for beginners include checking the weather, wearing the proper gear, and wearing sunscreen. The most important part is finding a suitable body of water. Lakes are best for this. Lakes have typically flat water, except on windy days. Oceans and rivers are also acceptable, but be sure to watch out for big waves, strong currents, and fast water.

How does an inflatable paddle board compare with a hard board?2022-06-22T13:45:05-04:00

While rigid SUPs still have a slight edge performance-wise, inflatable paddle boards continue to narrow that gap as new construction technologies are introduced. When it comes to convenience, portability, durability, and versatility, inflatable SUPs are the strong winner. We believe that for the vast majority of paddlers, an inflatable paddle board is clearly the better choice.

Can I bring my dog on a THURSO SURF inflatable SUP?2022-06-22T13:45:13-04:00

Of course! Our boards are built with dog owners in mind so you don’t have to worry about your dog’s nails damaging the deck of your SUP. With that said, we always recommend trimming your pup’s nails before going for a paddle. And of course, make sure it’s an activity your dog enjoys!

Are the fins removable?2022-06-22T13:45:33-04:00

Yes, all of our fins are removable and feature our super convenient and easy-to-use Quick Lock toolless fin system. The board package includes much of what you need to make adjustments to your exact specifications.

Is there anything else that I need to buy to start paddling?2022-06-22T13:46:01-04:00

All THURSO SURF iSUPs include a paddle, SUP leash, backpack, pump, and iSUP repair kit. The only thing not included that we’d highly recommend picking up is a PFD (personal flotation device).

Are THURSO SURF inflatable paddle boards covered by a warranty?2022-06-22T13:46:29-04:00

Absolutely. All of our boards come with a rock-solid, 2-year warranty which covers any and all manufacturing defects. We stand behind all of the gear we make, and if you have a problem, we will refund or replace your board on the spot. No need to worry here.

Can I fly on an airplane with an inflatable paddle board?2022-06-22T13:48:17-04:00

Absolutely! Deflated and packed into the included backpack, your iSUP can be checked with the rest of your luggage and taken anywhere in the world. Worried about the airline damaging your backpack in-flight? Just wrap your iSUP backpack up with a plastic tarp and tie securely with a rope — problem solved!

Compared to the extra luggage costs that would come along with flying with a full-sized non-inflatable SUP, you are talking about saving hundreds of dollars. So if you’re going on a SUP trip, an inflatable might just become your best friend.



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