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DuoSlider EPS 45” Bodyboard


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Expected to restock by mid-August.

THURSO SURF DuoSlider 45 inch Bodyboard is the ultimate choice for family surf adventures, encouraging shared enjoyment in the waves. This tandem bodyboard is ingeniously crafted to cater to both adult and big guys, making it the best bodyboard for family unity on the surf. With a weight capacity ranging from 140-310lbs, it seamlessly accommodates a wide spectrum of surfers. Its tailored construction is a boon for young riders, nurturing their aquatic confidence and smoothing their journey towards mastering solo bodyboarding.

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DuoSlider 45” family-friendly Bodyboard


Discover the ultimate 45 inch bodyboard for beach fun and safety. Made with resilient EPS foam, a high-density IXPE deck, and a slick HDPE bottom, it offers stability and performance in all water conditions. It includes dual handles and two leashes, offering superior control and safety for all ages. This inclusivity, extending to bodyboards for big guys and tandem bodyboard options, ensuring top-quality equipment for every surfer. Ideal for beginners and pros alike, it's key for boosting confidence in young swimmers and transitioning to solo surfing. If you're seeking the best bodyboards or a reliable 45-inch body board for body board surfing, look forward to unforgettable surf sessions and lasting fun.

DuoSlider 45 inch boggie bodyboard designed for family
DuoSlider 45'' Body Board ready to catch waves

Duoslider 45” Body Board Main Featuers

thurso surf duoslider bodyboard dual handles


thurso surf duoslider bodyboard deck contour


thurso surf duoslider bodyboard 7mm safety coil


thurso surf duoslider dual turn with circle joint


thurso surf duoslider bodyboard crescent tail design


thurso surf duoslider heat lamintion


DuoSlider 45'' BodyBoard suitable for family


THURSO SURF DuoSlider 45” family-friendly Bodyboard is not just another addition to your beach gear; it’s a versatile companion that brings fun, excitement, and adventure to various surfing occasions. Designed with the family in mind, it ensures that every wave caught becomes a cherished memory. Whether you’re planning a leisurely day at the beach, looking to improve your bodyboarding skills, or seeking the thrill of competitive surfing, the DuoSlider is ready to meet and exceed your expectations.

thurso surf duoslider bodyboard suit for surfing


thurso surf duoslider bodyboard suit for swimming

Swimming Pool

Water Park

thurso surf duoslider booige board suit for vacation

Holiday Villages

DuoSlider 45 in BodyBoard suitable for family

Customer Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?2022-06-25T14:50:31-04:00

Wear what you are the most comfortable in! Clothing that allows free movement is best, and clothing that won’t be too heavy when wet.

How do I know what fin or fin set combination to buy?2022-06-25T14:50:46-04:00

For flat water paddling you will need one centre fin. For any type of waves, or paddle surfing,  look at 3, 4 and 5 fin set.

What are the shipment times?2022-06-25T14:45:35-04:00

Your order will be processed within 3 business days. The order processing cut-off time is 3 pm ET. For orders placed after 3 pm ET, processing will begin the next business day.



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