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Following SUP surfing safety, man catches wave on Thurso Surf Waterwalker All-around SUP

SUP Surfing Safety: 6 Tips for Staying Safe in the Surf

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SUP surfing is an exhilarating experience, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned surfer. It’s unlike any other sport. You rise high, to land low. The head rush itself is amazing, and SUP surfing is a completely different water sport compared to traditional surfing. Not to mention, that feeling of accomplishment you get as a rider when you catch a wave just right. Read More

Man and woman walk with award winning Thurso Surf Waterwalker All-around SUP

Thurso Surf Awarded Top Rated All-Around SUP for 2020

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The Thurso Surf Water Walker 126 has been awarded one of the “Top rated All-Around SUPs for 2020 by SUP industry leader Supboardguide.com. This is the third consecutive year in a row that Thurso Surf has received this award. We have also received 9+ ratings from SUPBoardGuide for each of our inflatable stand up paddle boards this year such as the Water Walker series, Expedition 138, Max 138, and Tranquility 128 paddle boards this year.
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man paddles from knees with two children sitting on the stand up paddleboard traction pad

Boards with Full-length Stand Up Paddleboard Deck Pads: Why You Need One!

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Stand up paddleboard traction pads are more important than you think. Some avid paddleboarders want a race board, touring board, or a specific water sports board, but for most people, finding a versatile board is the best way to go. Investing in a paddle board is not cheap, so buying a versatile one can be well worth the money. This is especially true if the goal is to do more than one paddle boarding activity on the water. Different boards have different shapes and styles, but a full-length deck pad makes an awesome upgrade to any SUP. A SUP board with full-length deck pad increases the overall versatility of the board allowing you to do more on deck.
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woman doing SUP exercise on her Thurso Surf Tranquility Yoga SUP

The Top SUP Exercises and How to do Them

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There are a lot of SUP exercises out there to choose from. And stand up paddleboarding even without dedicated fitness routines provides a great workout itself. It’s especially fine-tuned to work your core and can help to improve your overall balance and coordination. Plus, not only does it strengthen your body, it’s a fun activity to do when you get the chance to hit the water. Read More

closeup of man working with fishing tackle on fishing paddle board

Choosing the Best Fishing Paddle Board – Everything You Need to Know

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Fishing is a relaxing and enjoyable time spent on the water for many regular and part-time fishers alike. The majority of those who fish are used to doing it from shore or out of vessel like a fishing kayak or boat. However, many experienced anglers have opted to use a stand up paddle board to enjoy their favorite pastime, fishing. So, if you’re curious and handy with a paddle board, then SUP fishing (stand-up fishing) is a great way to enjoy this water activity. Read More

close up of man standing on Thurso Surf Waterwalker All-around SUP

Stand Up Paddle Board Traction Pad – How to Choose the Right One

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Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or pro, having a good stand up paddle board traction pad can make all the difference. A good SUP traction pad shouldn’t only look cool, but provide you with all the benefits that come along with extra grip and comfort. This is especially true for those just starting out on their paddle board adventures. Having a good traction pad not only makes longer rides and sitting more comfortable. They also can make it easier to learn and help with stability while practicing the paddle board basics.
So, before choosing a paddle board traction pad, it’s good to understand what type you prefer. Look at the material, size and type of paddle boarding that it is going to be used for. Some will be designed for SUP yoga and long rides, while others may work better for high-speed racing. Making the right choice can add to the paddle board experience as well as help protect and maintain the board itself.

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man and woman paddling in front of rocks and yacht on Thurso Surf kayak paddle board combo

Kayak Paddle Board Combo? We Answer All of Your Questions

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People who love watersports may have trouble choosing what to invest in when it comes to picking a paddle board or kayak. For those who love the challenge of gliding across a body of water, they’re both great. In the past, paddlers would have to buy one, the other, or both. Now there is a newer product on the market, the kayak paddle board combo. It’s an easy-to-use, quick to setup, cool new hybrid that turns your stand up paddleboard into a kayak.
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man carries Thurso Surf SUP roller backpack through the woods on his way to the water

How to Transport a Paddle Board – The Easiest Way to Get to the Water

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While most paddle boarders think about racks for the vehicle when they plan how to transport their paddle board and gear, they forget that they must also get it from the car to the water. That can be a quick walk, or it can be a good portage to get to the right spot. Carrying it might be ok for a short trek, but what can a stand up paddle boarder do if they are going to have to hike for a bit?

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man paddle in shorts, long sleeve shirt and hat on Thurso Surf Waterwalker All-around SUP

Stand Up Paddle Clothes – What to Wear Paddle Boarding

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When you are heading out on the water to paddle board, knowing what stand up paddle clothes to wear is important. Being out on the water and not being prepared for the weather means you are not going to enjoy your paddle to the full extent you should. You want to wear the right attire for the conditions, so you are comfortable and able to enjoy your outdoor experience.  Read More

best women's paddle board header image - woman poses on beach with Thurso Surf Waterwalker all-around SUP

How to Choose the Best Women’s Paddle Board – Common Misconceptions

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With so many options, how can one find the best women’s stand up paddle board? First and foremost, avoid the common misconceptions. They’re out there, but this article will help you overcome those, so you can find the best SUP for women and enjoy what’s great about the sport. The love for stand up paddle boarding is due to its many awesome benefits. It offers good exercise, stress relief, outdoor adventure and it’s a lot of fun. Try it yourself and you’ll know what we’re talking about. To enhance those benefits and increase your love for SUP you’ll want to find a board that meets your needs and fits you right. Choosing a board is fun, so don’t let the following misconceptions get in the way.
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