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Length Width Thickness Volume Weight Capacity*
10 ft 6 31 in 6 in 270 L 24 lbs 130-180 lbs

*Based on average skill level


Waterwalker 126 10’6 All-around SUP 2022


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The Waterwalker 126 10’6 SUP Board invites you to explore the waters like never before. Its exceptional balance of stability and agility, combined with the versatility to tackle any adventure, ensures your experiences are not just journeys, but true explorations. Whether you’re gliding through a tranquil lake or catching waves, the Waterwalker 126 is your gateway to the unparalleled joy of paddleboarding.

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1 × SUP Electric Pump 2022

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1 × SUP Kayak Seat

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1 × SUP Carrier

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Dive into the world of SUP with the Waterwalker 126, the perfect 10'6 paddle board for enthusiasts of all levels. Boasting a hybrid all-around shape for superb glide and versatility, this beach paddle board is nimble, stable, and buoyant, making it the ideal choice for paddling with family, including kids or pets. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned paddler, the Waterwalker 126 offers the ultimate blend of performance and ease, earning its title as one of the best paddle boards for beginners. Embark on your next adventure with confidence and style.


Stability - 8.5
Speed - 8
Maneuverability - 9
Tracking - 8


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Waterwalker 126 stand-up paddle board specs
Waterwalker 126 stand-up paddle board specs
Thurso Surf Waterwalker 132 accessories
Waterwalker 126 stand-up paddle board person in orange paddling

Never Go Back to Aluminum Paddles

One of the greatest values in our add-on package is our CARBON hybrid paddle. Weighing ONLY 32 oz, it floats and is much lighter than an aluminum or even fiberglass paddle. Try it and you’ll never want to go out on the water with another. With the new locking shaft mechanism, the SUP paddle can also be converted to a kayak paddle with the simple addition of a second blade (sold separately).

100% Faster and Saves Energy

The DUAL Chamber TRIPLE Action pump is 100% faster than a single chamber pump, and saves you time and energy when going paddling. It does both INFLATE and DEFLATE, and is your best friend for getting your iSUP on to the water quickly or rolled up tightly into storage. Can easily switch among the three action modes to use at different pressures.

Waterwalker 126 stand-up paddle board pump dual chamber lifestyle
Waterwalker 126 stand-up paddle board backpack

Long Distance Walk Made So Easy

With the help of a sweet set of rugged wheels, our ROLLER backpack makes that hike to the water so much easier. The premium nylon outer shell can withstand sunlight, sea water and sand. It’s tough and provides excellent protection to your board and accessories. The padded back, along with shoulder and waist straps distribute the weight evenly and offer the highest degree of comfort.

500-Click Fins US All-around Fin

Quick Lock. Two Configs.

All three fins are removable to allow two fin set-ups: Single or 2+1 in different water conditions.

Waterwalker 126 stand-up paddle board coiled leash wearing

Safety First

The coiled SUP leash is compact and can minimize the drag on the water.

Customer Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

What accessories are included with the paddleboard?2022-06-25T14:43:22-04:00

All paddleboards come with:

      • 3-Piece CARBON Shaft Paddle
      • 2+1 Removable Quick Lock Fin Set
      • 10 ft. Double Swivel Coiled Leash
      • Storage and Carry Roller Backpack*
      • Inflate/deflate Double Action Pump*

*Not included with Prodigy Junior SUP.
(Prodigy comes with the Travel-friendly Storage Duffle Bag / no pump).

Can I use my paddleboard for racing?2022-06-25T14:43:36-04:00

If you choose to. Stand-up paddleboards have been designed for stability and excel at recreational activities such as fishing, yoga and paddling. However, you can race it if you’d  like.

Can I use my paddleboard for surfing?2022-06-25T14:43:49-04:00

No. It is not a surfboard. Paddleboards can handle the small wakes of passing motorboats and shore waves, however, it is not designed for surfing large, active water or waves.

Is there a warranty on paddleboards?2022-06-25T14:44:21-04:00

Yes. There is a 2 Year Manufacturer Limited Warranty on all inflatable paddle boards (iSUPs) from date of purchase. We guarantee against any abnormal defect in workmanship and materials within this period. More info on warranties



How do I inflate my paddleboard?2022-06-25T14:44:38-04:00

You can inflate your SUP using any one of our electric or hand-pump pumps designed specifically for inflating our line of iSUPs.U

Are inflatable paddleboards very durable?2022-06-25T14:44:46-04:00

Yes! THURSO SURF iSUP boards are designed with double layers of PVC, so they are extremely durable and can handle heavy usage. iSUPs are known to be more durable, than wood paddle boards, and are also more portable and storable.

Is there a payment plan available for paddleboards?2022-06-25T14:45:11-04:00

We work with Affirm so you can be more flexible on payment terms. Just select Affirm at check out to see payment options. (US only)

How long does my inflatable SUP hold air for?2022-06-25T14:45:26-04:00

Boards may deflate over time (up to 4 psi in 7 days depending on the change in temperature). Be sure to check board pressure before paddling.

What are the shipment times?2022-06-25T14:45:35-04:00

Your order will be processed within 3 business days. The order processing cut-off time is 3 pm ET. For orders placed after 3 pm ET, processing will begin the next business day.



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