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SUP Carbon Elite Slitted Paddle

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THURSO SURF proudly presents the revolutionary Slitted Paddle — lighter and more efficient than ever. The ingeniously crafted slots in the blade ensure water flows through with maximum efficiency, transforming your paddling experience into one of effortless glide and superior performance.

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Length Weight Blade Area
71 – 87 in 25 oz 85 sq in
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The heart of the THUROS SURF Carbon Elite Slitted Paddle's superiority lies in its unique slitted construction. Partner with Oscar Propulsion, this innovation allows for a seamless glide through water, cutting drag to a minimum and enabling paddlers to achieve greater speeds and sharper maneuverability with less effort.

Ideal for enthusiasts seeking both performance and aesthetic appeal, it offers customizable options to suit your style and is adjustable from 71 inches to 87 inches for optimal fit. The 85 square inch blade, with a 10-degree bevel, maximizes power and prevents twisting, supported by a robust dual locking system for quick, secure assembly. Whether navigating calm lakes or competitive races, the Carbon Elite Slitted Paddle promises a smoother, more enjoyable journey, making it the perfect choice for paddlers who demand excellence in every stroke.

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thurso surf sup elite slitted

THURSO SURF unique design incorporates slitted paddles, each meticulously crafted through precision mechanical drilling. Licensed from leading innovators, this technology sets a new standard in paddleboard performance, allowing for effortless navigation and unparalleled control.

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Unlike traditional paddles where water flows around, creating high resistance, our unique slitted construction allows water to pass directly through the middle. This breakthrough reduces drag significantly, making each stroke more efficient and effortlessly smooth.

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Experience accelerated speeds with minimal effort, thanks to reduced water resistance. Slitted paddles are perfect for racing enthusiasts and those seeking enhanced performance in speed-centric paddling activities.

THURSO SURF unique slotted paddles

The slitted paddle is the epitome of innovation, blending unparalleled design with superior performance. Light in weight yet robust in functionality, it boasts a unique aesthetic that sets it apart. Ideal for those who demand excellence in both style and performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How important is it to have a good paddle?2022-06-25T14:39:18-04:00

You can avoid stress, fatigue, and possible injury by choosing the correct paddle for your paddling needs. Carbon fiber paddles are light, allowing you to paddle longer by minimizing fatigue. A great paddle makes the SUP experience more enjoyable.

How strong are the paddle blades?2022-06-25T14:39:25-04:00

It is very rare that we ever see a blade break. All of our blades are made of the most durable materials to keep up with all your paddling needs.

Is there a warranty on paddles?2022-06-25T14:40:37-04:00

Yes. There is a 60 Day Manufacturer Limited Warranty on all paddles from date of purchase. We guarantee against any abnormal defect in workmanship and materials within this period. More info here.

Are blades covered by the “paddle” warranty?2022-06-25T14:41:11-04:00

Yes. They are covered by the same warranty – 60 Day Manufacturer Limited Warranty. More info here.

What are the shipment times?2022-06-25T14:45:35-04:00

Your order will be processed within 3 business days. The order processing cut-off time is 3 pm ET. For orders placed after 3 pm ET, processing will begin the next business day.



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