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Thurso Surf is where engineering meets innovation. Our products let you enjoy the water in ways you’ve never been able to before. If you’re looking for great quality at a sensible price, you’ve come to the right place.

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All Thurso Surf inflatable SUPs feature DOUBLE LAYER constructions with TRIPLE/QUAD Military Grade PVC coatings on the deck/side, the strongest inflatable paddleboard structure currently available on the market. With that, our boards achieve the ultimate toughness, rigidity and durability.

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All THURSO SURF inflatable SUPs begin with a drop stitch core that is laminated with the first durable PVC coating. Then a PVC tarpaulin consisits of another two laminated PVC coatings is added.
All THURSO SURF inflatable SUPs rails are heavily reinforced with two PVC tarpaulins which have effectively FOUR PVC coatings.
All THURSO SURF inflatable SUPs feature a stunning top deck that is covered by a high-quality woodgrain graphic taken from real woods. By using the most advanced and unique printing techniques, we closely replicate the classic looks of a solid wood SUP.

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