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Kayak Conversion Kit


Maximize your water adventures with our top-notch kayak conversion kit. Seamlessly transform your stand-up paddleboard into a versatile kayak, unlocking new possibilities on the water.  Explore uncharted waters and unlock the convenience of a paddle board with kayak conversion kit.

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Our SUP kayak conversion kit can easily convert your paddle board into a kayak in just minutes. Experience the best of both worlds with a single kit. The ergonomic kayak seat ensures a comfortable ride while the kayak blade paddle provides efficient propulsion. No need for complex tools or technical expertise. Simply attach the seat to the D-Rings on your board and insert the kayak blade onto your SUP paddle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?2022-06-25T14:50:31-04:00

Wear what you are the most comfortable in! Clothing that allows free movement is best, and clothing that won’t be too heavy when wet.

How do I know what fin or fin set combination to buy?2022-06-25T14:50:46-04:00

For flat water paddling you will need one centre fin. For any type of waves, or paddle surfing,  look at 3, 4 and 5 fin set.

What are the shipment times?2022-06-25T14:45:35-04:00

Your order will be processed within 3 business days. The order processing cut-off time is 3 pm ET. For orders placed after 3 pm ET, processing will begin the next business day.



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