Founded in 2016, THURSO SURF is a young and passionate company that wants to grow together with you. Unlike the other companies on the market, we take an Engineering approach to build strong, stable, and fast SUPs. Fully focused on product quality and cost, THURSO SURF has quickly won customers over, and grown from a startup to an important player in the SUP arena. Yet we know there is a long way ahead to go, and we want to team up with you to achieve higher goals. No matter you are a SUP Rental Shop, a Resort, a Yoga Studio,  a Rehabilitation Clinic, a Summer Camp, or many other businesses, we have a full solution for you.

THURSO SURF carries a full range of SUP boards, from All-Around, Touring, Yoga, to Junior boards that can satisfy all ages and purposes. All the SUPs come with a complete package with all the accessories included, so no more worry about buying extra before being able to use the boards. The CARBON shaft paddle is a highlight in our SUP packages, which is much comfortable than the regular aluminum or fiberglass paddle that usually come with other SUPs. To learn more about our products, simply fill the requirement form below, and we will get in touch with you shortly.

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