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Our Story

Thurso Surf sprang from two friends reconnecting over paddleboarding. We’d both gone our separate ways after middle school but when we met again 15 years later, my childhood friend Yu, who’d been working for a major SUP manufacturer, introduced me to his new favorite sport. Paddleboarding is easy to pick up and a ton of fun. Learning a new sport sparked that sense of play I remembered from running around together as kids. Just like that, we were hooked!

As we learned and progressed, we quickly began to outgrow our gear. We thought up modifications that we could make to our boards and paddles to improve their performance, stability, glide, comfort, and overall experience. We learned what we needed and what we didn’t. When we went searching for alternatives on the market, we discovered that the gear and accessories we were looking for didn’t exist… yet. Instead of taking “no” for an answer and just living with the gear we had, we started tinkering. Once designs and ideas were flying back and forth there was no turning back.

Thurso Surf is here to jolt you out of your daily routine and help you get in touch with nature and a sense of play on the water. We’re constantly chasing the highest quality gear and tech at an affordable price so that everyone can experience the thrill of paddling. We want you to have everything you need to hit the water from day one, including thoughtful upgrades like a carbon-shaft paddle, roller backpack, and dual-chamber pump. To assemble the best SUP packages at the best price, we aren’t afraid to put our lab coats on. Our materials, shapes and designs are refined by a high-tech, experiment-driven approach that incorporates cutting-edge engineering procedures and modern technologies. That’s why you can trust us to always stand behind our products 100%.

Our team is made up of a group of young people who aren’t afraid to push boundaries and explore beyond – beyond the places we’ve been, beyond typical materials, design, and engineering techniques as we develop new gear, and beyond our personal limits. We can’t wait to paddle out together!


Shenglong You | Co-founder

Our Mission

We are Everyday Adventurers!

Epic moments don’t require epic destinations, sunsets, or scenery. They happen each and every day on the water. You can make them part of your life. All you need is a way to access them, like an awesome inflatable paddle board. Whether you have half an hour after work or a whole afternoon, in just a few moments on the water you can reconnect with nature, refresh and recenter yourself. As much as we love big trips and ambitious expeditions, our boards are made with your everyday adventures in mind. We want you to get out there and paddle as often as possible whether it’s in your backyard or a world away.

All paddlers. All skill levels. All water conditions.

Our boards are built for you! Everyone is on the hunt for the one board that can do it all–anywhere, anytime, any activity. That’s why we built the Waterwalker! Its hybrid all-around shape is stable and forgiving with plenty of glide. We made it in three sizes so it’s the perfect fit for your body type and the way you like to paddle. It’s stable and easy to get started on, plus it’ll keep up with a wide range of riders and styles years into your paddle journey. Make it your launchpad as you get into the sport!

The easier it is to get out there, the more often you’ll go.

Your paddle board purchase doesn’t begin and end with the board alone. That’s why we include thoughtful upgrades with our award-winning stand up paddleboards in every package. Best-in-class accessories, like a dual-chamber triple-action pump, SUP roller backpack, and carbon shaft paddle, make every step of your journey to the water easier than ever so you can get out paddling more often and focus on having fun when you’re on the water.

Never stop exploring! Explore Beyond!

With nearly two decades of combined experience in the SUP industry and a PhD in hydrodynamics, our founding team has a unique respect for the interplay between the feel of the waves beneath our feet and the way technology and engineering developments can push boundaries. Our aim is to democratize that progression and bring it to everyone in the sport as quickly as possible at an affordable price.

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