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SUP Electric Pump2023-08-23T18:15:49+02:00

SUP Electric Pump


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THURSO SURF SUP electric pump is an ideal accessory to save your energy so that you can focus on paddling instead of pumping. Inflates a board in 10 min and you are ready to go to the water.

The pump is suitable for THURSO SURF inflatable SUP and all other inflatable products with the Halkey-Roberts valve.

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Max Pressure Voltage Max Current Flow Rate Connection
15 psi 12V DC 13A 450/120 L/min
Cigarette Lighter/
Alligator Clips
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The pump is equipped with a pneumatic reader. The air pressure can be set from 1~15 psi. When the set value is reached, the pump will stop automatically. No worry about over-inflate and damage your board.

The pump has two inflation stages. Stage 1 is high volume for fast inflation in the beginning, and Stage 2 is for inflating the board to a higher pressure. Inflate a THURSO SURF paddleboard to 15 psi in about 10 minutes.

The pump can also deflate the board as you finish your paddling trip, to make the packing process easier.

Powered from car cigarette lighter socket. Voltage: DC 12V. Max Current: 13A.

Packed in a carry bag for easy transport and storage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “double-action” pump?2020-10-18T21:15:19+02:00

Pumps with double-action will expel air while pulling up and pushing down, which allows for quicker inflation of your iSUP.

What is a “triple action” pump?2020-10-18T21:15:15+02:00

Pumps with triple-action are essentially double-action pumps another chamber that can pump twice as much air with each stroke = the fastest hand pump on the market.

What are the advantages of using an electric pump?2020-10-18T21:13:49+02:00

While manual inflation can serve as a good warm-up for stand-up paddle boarding, it sometimes can take more effort. Our electric pump can inflate a THURSO SURF board to 15 PSI in less than 10 minutes.

How long does it take to inflate a paddleboard?2020-10-18T21:13:32+02:00

Inflation with the hand pump can take between 5 and 10 minutes, depending on the pump used (double or triple action pump). Electric pumps take under 10 minutes., with no effort involved.

Is there a warranty on pumps?2021-03-03T23:07:36+01:00

Yes. There is a 1-Year Manufacturer Limited Warranty on all iSUP pumps from date of purchase. We guarantee against any abnormal defect in workmanship and materials within this period. More info on warranties here.

What are the shipment times?2021-07-14T17:25:26+02:00

Your order will be processed within 3 business days. The order processing cut-off time is 3 pm ET. For orders placed after 3 pm ET, processing will begin the next business day.


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