For those who love to be out on the water in the hopes of catching a fish, there is now a new way to enjoy the outdoor activity. Stand up paddle board (SUP) fishing is the newest trend and is great for both beginner and experienced fishermen. You don’t even need a dedicated fishing paddle board. Decking out any SUP to do some angling is as fun as it is to get a regular boat ready and less time consuming. A paddler can easily take along anything they need for a great time out on the water. There’s surprisingly more than enough storage options


Some of the accessories you might think about bringing along with you include mounts for rod holders, trays for bait, downriggers, fish finders, and anything else you need for a great fishing adventure. Just like a boat they can be kitted out with all types of fishing gear. And there are lots of advantages to SUP fishing that will make your search to catch the big one a whole lot of fun!

Kneeling man packs deck cooler page for stand up paddleboard fishing

Pack a deck cooler bag to take with you out on the water.

Great Things About Stand Up Paddle Board Fishing

When looking to have some time out on the water, stand up paddleboard fishing is a great option. There are lots of benefits that make it the perfect way to enjoy a day out on the water. Here are some of the top benefits for all you fishing enthusiasts:

  1. Inflatable paddle boards are simple to transport compared to other fishing vessels. While you have to haul a boat with a trailer and launch it every time you want to move to a new body of water, SUPs are much more convenient. And, inflatable SUPs are even easier to handle than hard SUPs because they are so compact, lightweight, and durable. SUPs can easily be loaded into your car or on roof racks and moved from place to place. Some even come with a roller backpack, making hiking with your SUP possible. That way you get to that special fishing spot that may not be reachable by car.
  2. The flexibility of SUPs means you can fish almost anywhere. Unlike a boat, a SUP can navigate shallow waters and quickly reach spots that are more secluded with ease. SUPs are agile and fit into fishing spots where a regular boat or dingy won’t be able to reach. That means more action for you!
  3. Being on a SUP gives you a lot more freedom to move around and offers a good field of vision to see any fish that may be near you. Because of the small size of the board, there is less in the way that can obstruct your movement and obscure your line of sight.
  4. Unlike the noise of a running motor, paddleboards are silent since they use muscle power to skim along the top of the water. You won’t scare away the fish with propellers or large churns of water from a motorized boat.
  5. If you are used to being out on the water, you know that standing up in a smaller boat can easily throw the whole vessel off balance. A SUP on the other hand is built to stand up on so you cast properly. If you haven’t tried SUP yet, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by their stability. If you’re already accustomed to SUP and know how to balance, casting should not be an issue. Just bend slightly at the knees and use your weight and center of gravity to maintain stability. Some SUPs can even be upgraded with a kayak seat (hello fishing kayak!). So if you’re out for a long day one, of these detachable seats will let you sit back and relax while you fish. Plus your legs aren’t trapped inside a hull like when you’re kayak fishing.

Types of SUPs for Stand Up Paddleboard Fishing

No one paddleboard is perfect for every person. Each make and model has its pros and cons when compared to another. But it’s all relative and highly dependent on you the user. When choosing a stand up paddleboard for fishing, there are some great options available. And as long as they have a few D-rings and bungees, you’re covered for storage.

Inflatable SUPs as a Fishing Paddle Board

Inflatable boards are very easy to transport and can go almost anywhere. It’s hard to pack a boat to take with you somewhere on a plane. 😉 With inflatable SUPs, all you have to do is pump them up. They have lots of deck area and a high weight capacity, which of course makes fishing simple and provides lots of space for fishing gear storage. And with dry bags, you can have dry storage as well if that’s a concern. Many boards also have paddle holders (velcro straps) so you can keep your paddle out of the way easily when you’re not using it. No need to worry about it floating off. And these boards usually have Scotty mounts on the deck that can be rigged with any fishing extras you need. They are also extremely durable and won’t dent like an epoxy paddleboard.

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Man paddles shallow river on Thurso Surf Max multi-purpose SUP

Paddle to the fishing spots boats can’t reach.

Types of SUPs You Can Use for Fishing (It doesn’t have to be a fishing paddle board)

If you’re looking for detailed information on each type (shape) of stand up paddleboard out there check out this article for a full rundown, “How to Choose the Best SUP Shape for You” and this one to help you choose a size, “What’s the Best SUP Size for You“. For this article, we will stick to the positives of each in relation to stand up paddleboard fishing.

  • All-Around – These are great for everything and their shape plays into that. If you’re looking for something with versatility these are a great option.
  • Yoga – Yoga SUPs can be a great option for stand up paddleboard fishing because they have a larger-than-normal deck size. Also, since they’re meant for yoga, the good ones will have an extra soft and cushiony deck pad which can make standing for long periods of time more comfortable.
  • Touring – These boards are more narrow, so they can cut through the water faster. This of course means they have less deck space. However, they can be a good choice if you’re choosing to go on a long expedition and want to fish from multiple spots far from each other in a single day.
  • Multi-Purpose – These SUPs are perfect for fishing because they have a larger deck. That means you have more room to carry extra gear and move around while you’re fishing. If you come across the occasional shark like Spencer here, you might find that extra room comes in handy!

Plenty of stability, room on deck, and a full-length traction pad make the Max Multi-Purpose SUP an awesome choice for your next fishing trip.

Stand Up Paddle Board Fishing Spots

The great thing about stand up paddleboards for fishing is they can be used in so many different bodies of water. Whether you like to fish on a lake, a small pond, the bay, or perhaps a moving river, these boards can do it all. Just be aware of currents, undertows, and rough waters. A pro fisherman will use those realities of the water to their advantage and with a SUP you can get right in there.

Man attaches paddle to Thurso Surf Max multi-purpose SUP before heading out for some stand up paddleboard fishing

Some SUPs allow you to store your paddle out of the way, leaving you with more space on your deck.

Accessories to Make Your Stand Up Paddleboard Fishing Great

As with any fishing vessel, having the right gear makes the day more enjoyable. Paddleboards are no different. While you do not need every accessory available, some really make fishing much easier and fun. Items such as a fishing rod holder or a bait tray are great because they save you from trying to juggle too many things in a smaller area. These two things should definitely make the list if you’re thinking about buying some stand up paddleboard fishing accessories.

Another thing to consider when you’re SUP fishing is comfort. You’ll probably be out there for a while, so a deck cooler bag can help to keep your food and drink tasty and refreshing. A kayak seat can also be a nice touch to a long day on the water. Sitting down also provides extra stability so if the weather or conditions change, you’ll still be able to fish comfortably.

Once you have the basic accessories, think about more advanced gear. Fishfinders are a fantastic thing to add as they help locate fish, helping you find the perfect fishing spot. Downriggers and line pullers can also help you up your game. If you’re looking for more ideas, check us out on ​Instagram​ to see how other SUP fishers set up their boards.

Squatted man attaches bag to SUP for a stand up paddleboard fishing adventure

A deck cooler bag makes it easy to transport fresh food and drinks on your fishing expedition.

No Need for a Boat, Hit the Water on Your SUP

Stand up paddleboard fishing is the newest way to reel in your next big catch. It’s a perfect fishing vessel for those who are looking for a new adventure on the water or a difference fishing experience at your favorite spot. They’re more agile, quiet, and easy to transport, all of which will improve your fishing adventures. Not to mention, it’s quite simply a great way to spend the day. So regardless of your fishing style or the type of fishing you enjoy, you can make it work with inflatable fishing paddle boards. We looking forward to seeing how you go. Share your deck set up with others on Instagram with​ #thursosurf

underwater view of the bottom of a Thurso Surf stand up paddleboard

How your future catch sees you and your SUP.

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