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THURSO SURF Carbon SUP Paddle 3 Piece Adjustable Carbon Fiber Shaft Stand Up Paddle Light Excellent Performance

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  • The THURSO SURF Carbon SUP paddle has a carbon fiber shaft and a nylon blade construction. It weighs only 32 oz/900 grams
  • The paddle length is adjustable from 68”/170 cm to 84”/215 cm when fully extended
  • The blade (16”/40 cm long and 8.5”/21 cm wide) features a 10 deg dihedral shape to get the maximum power from each stroke as well as to prevent blade twisting. Strengthened by a rib the blade will not distort under any paddling strokes
  • The quick release system helps fast and easy assembling – the blade can be easily inserted into the shaft locked with a clip. And the handle can be fastened at any location by a buckle on the shaft
  • Provides beyond-expectation performance. No matter cruising, surfing, or racing, this paddle will boost your performance and help you reach your goal easily


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