The best paddleboard bags will certainly help protect your inflatable SUP, but stand up paddleboard bags can do much more than just add a layer of protection. If you’re lucky enough to have a SUP then you’re probably enjoying it. Maybe it’s your yoga platform, favorite spot to fish from, or just a great way to get outside and spend some time on the water. Regardless of how you use your stand up paddleboard, a high-quality paddleboard bag is an essential piece of equipment.

If you get the right one, a good paddleboard bag can do a lot more for you. First, we’ll cover the basics of why it’s an essential piece of equipment. Then we’ll dig into what features are worth considering so you’re able to protect your investment and make the most of your new paddleboard bag.

Man and woman with Thurso Surf Roller backpack

Travel to the water easily with a comfortable high-quality paddleboard bag.

Protect your inflatable SUP with a paddleboard bag

First and foremost, paddleboard bags add an extra layer of protection to your SUP. Although inflatable stand up paddleboards are incredibly durable, you should always transport and store your board in a high-quality paddleboard bag. A paddleboard bag can protect your board from accidents and wear and tear that you didn’t see coming. For instance, sometimes during transport things move around. Other stuff in the vehicle could end up spilling or rubbing against your SUP. However, with a bag you have an added layer of protection to prevent any mishaps, even if they’re only superficial.

Another advantage of having a paddleboard bag is that they protect your board from the sun. Although your SUP is built for the outdoors and of course, is meant to be used on bright sunny days, a lifetime of direct sun exposure to harsh UV rays will inevitably lead to unwanted damage of the PVC material all inflatable stand up paddle boards are made of. Low quality boards may fade or even delaminate with too much sun exposure. But by properly storing your board in a top-quality paddleboard bag, there’s no need to worry about sun damage.

Man walking across rocks with Thurso Surf roller backpack

Protect your iSUP in any conditions with a paddleboard bag.

It’s not only solid objects that can reduce your board’s lifespan; liquids, grit, and dust can cause unwanted abrasion as well. In the end, even if it’s just a little dirt and grime that you get on the board during transport or while you’re storing it, you can easily avoid the hassle of having to clean it again by simply keeping your board in a paddleboard bag. However, as mentioned earlier, a GOOD paddleboard bag can do a lot more than simply add a layer of protection. Inflatable stand up paddleboard bags aren’t only an essential piece of equipment to have in your collection; they can improve the entire paddleboarding experience for a variety of reasons.

Extra benefits of a GOOD paddleboard bag

The best paddleboard bags make it easier and more comfortable to carry your SUP

The ease and comfort a good paddleboard bag can provide is beyond a simple benefit and in many cases crucial. Some of the best spots to launch from can’t be reached easily by a vehicle. Not too mention, sometimes it’s simply a long walk from the car to the water. A good paddleboard bag will of course have backpack straps, but look for one that has a bit of padding on the straps and for your back. These features will provide you with all-around comfort. Another important feature to look for when searching for a good paddleboard bag is a padded waist belt. A well-designed bag will include a waist belt because it improves the overall weight distribution and comfortability of the paddleboard bag. Walking long distances with it on your back becomes a lot easier when all the weight isn’t only on your shoulders.

Woman hands man Thurso Surf iSUP Roller Backpack

Take your SUP anywhere and protect it from abrasion with a paddleboard bag.

Now if you’re really looking to improve your mobility, try to find a paddleboard bag with built-in wheels and a comfortable top handle to pull it by. Wheels are great because they provide you with the option of pulling your bag along with you. Places like large parking lots, boardwalks, and the airpot immediately come to mind. And, if needed, picking it up and wearing it as a backpack is still possible when you hit the beach. That flexibility is incredibly beneficial to your comfort and definitely something worth considering if you’re buying a new paddleboard bag. Luckily all Thurso Surf SUP packages come with a high-quality, wheeled paddleboard backpack.

Thurso Surf Roller backpack main compartment

Full length zippers and strong, comfortable handles make packing and moving a paddleboard bag much easier.

The best paddleboard bags provide extra storage

An obvious advantage of having a good paddleboard bag is that it provides you the paddler with extra storage space. A good paddleboard bag will allow you to fit all your gear inside. That way you don’t have to buy anything extra or bring additional bags along with you. This in turn makes both transporting and storing your inflatable stand up paddle board much more convenient. The best paddleboard bags will have plenty of room to make it easy to put away your SUP and accessories. A wetsuit, sunscreen, water bottle, dry bag, towel, etc. all take up space. With the extra room for storage you won’t need to carry loose odds and ends or multiple bags with you.

Thurso Surf roller backpack front pocket

Extra storage pouch and transparent storage make it easy to organize accessories.

The best paddleboard bags improve organization

Often overlooked, one of the greatest things about paddleboard bags is the simple fact that they help you keep your gear organized. Keeping your gear organized prevents you from misplacing anything and can save the hassle of having to search for stuff before you head out. As you read in the last section, high-quality paddleboard bags offer ample storage space. So when you’re looking for an iSUP paddleboard bag, consider if it has any built-in pockets and compartments. Some bags are nothing more than a glorified duffle bag (one giant compartment), which really won’t help you organize your gear. And when it comes to storage compartments, more doesn’t necessarily mean better. Too many pockets add weight and may not be sized to fit your gear.

Man unpack Thurso Surf paddleboard bag

Easy to pack and unpack, giving you more time on the water.

Choosing The Best Paddleboard Bag

So when it does come time to choose a high-quality paddleboard bag, remember to look for what was just discussed: comfort, storage, and organization. Padded straps (shoulders, back, and waistbelt) and wheels will improve your overall comfort and are a huge advantage for longer walks. Generous storage space will allow you to keep all your gear in one place and save you from the hassle of having to carry multiple bags. And extra compartments and built-in pockets will allow you to keep all that gear organized, which prevents you from wasting any time looking for misplaced pieces of equipment. All-in-all that means more time on the water and a more enjoyable SUPing experience.

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