Another great year on the water and another round of awards! Once again gave the Thurso Surf community something to celebrate with awards for multiple paddleboards in our lineup. Get a full rundown below on the winners and what makes Thurso Surf stand out.

man standing on beach using Thurso Surf shoulder strap to hold the Thurso Surf 132 Waterwalker All-around

The Thurso Surf 132 Waterwalker, one of the best stand up paddle boards of 2021.

Thurso Surf 132 Waterwalker, Surf Expedition 138, and 120 WaterWalker were all named amongst the best SUPs of 2021

The Thurso Surf 132 Waterwalker All-Around SUP was named one of the Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards for 2021 by industry leader This all-around inflatable stand up paddle board not only excels, but goes above and beyond making it a standout in the all-around category. specifically mentions it’s excellent speed due to the unique shape and the high-quality construction as the reasons why. 

In addition to the Waterwalker 132, also awarded the Thurso Surf Expedition as one of the Best Touring Stand Up Paddle Boards for 2021. To be a winner in this category the Expedition surpassed all expectations for its performance, fantastic speed, and easy maneuverability. 

Last but not least, the Waterwalker 120 was named one of the Best Cheap Stand Up Paddle Boards of 2021. For this award it wasn’t just the design and construction that inspired the judges. It was the whole package. They agreed that when you choose the Waterwalker 120 you’re getting a paddleboard that is of tremendous value for the money. also mentioned that they love the carbon fiber reinforced rails, 15 d-rings, and dual bungee cargo areas on this affordable entry-level board. 

“Thurso chose to make their boards with a dual-layer PVC that’s both durable and has a high weight capacity. They also add an extra layer of PVC + carbon fiber to the rails for better protection and stiffness. Finally, Thurso kept with their well-known style of a wooden grain print but has a few different color options that we just love. Overall the board is awesome, and we are excited to see what Thurso Surf comes out with in the future as they continue to grow!”  


man stands with award winning Thurso Surf Expedition on beach with mountains in the background

Paddle out for adventure on the award winning Thurso Surf Expedition 138 has this to say:

  • Well-designed, fast paddleboards with lots of d-rings and cargo areas
  • Carbon fiber rail system for better rigidity and performance
  • Very stable boards with awesome graphics and velcro paddle holders
  • Textured deck
  • 2-year warranty


About exists to help people learn everything they can about stand-up paddleboarding. Besides articles that help you have a better paddleboarding experience, they also review paddleboards and rank them based upon five distinct factors. Their review criteria for paddleboards, including Thurso Surf, are based upon the following criteria:

  • Versatility. What sort of activities can you use this paddleboard for?
  • Construction. How durable is the paddleboard? How heavy? How does it feel?
  • Stability. How easy is it to stand on? How many people can you bring with you?
  • Appearance. What does the board look like? Does it have multiple color options?
  • Performance.  How is maneuverability? How is the tracking? How is the glide?
woman paddles away from shore on award winning Thurso Surf 120 Waterwalker

Get into the action on the award winning Thurso Surf 120 Waterwalker

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