The best time of day to SUP is whenever you have the chance! Predictable answer from paddleboard junkies like us, right? But read on, as we get into specifics in the rest of the post. Unlike other water sports, you can SUP all year-round (as long as the water isn’t frozen). The flexibility of stand up paddle boarding is one of its many advantages and inflatable stand up paddleboards make it especially easy to get to the water because they’re easy to bring along with you. That way you can squeeze in a paddle wherever you are, whenever you get the chance. Nevertheless, there are specific times of day that can be better than others depending on why you’re out paddling.

Depending on the type of stand up paddle boarder you are, you might prefer one time to another. We all have time constraints so sometimes this can be tricky, but if you have the freedom to choose this article can help you decide when is the best time of the day to SUP for you.

Woman stretches on Thurso Surf Tranquility Yoga SUP

Get some yoga stretches on the water with our Tranquility Yoga SUP.

The Best Time to SUP: Mornings

There’s nothing like starting your day off on the water. Get up early, grab your SUP, and catch the sunrise from the water. If you’re into yoga, try bringing your morning routine to the water! But it doesn’t end there; mornings have other advantages. Paddleboarding in the morning allows you to avoid the crowds. This is especially convenient if you’re planning on doing some surfing. Catching a wave without the crowd means you have your pick of the set. There’s no need to wait or pull out because someone else beat you to it. Another option to consider if you’re trying to avoid the crowds is to pick a time of day or go out on a day that has a small swell. Surfers usually avoid these smaller waves, but they can still be lots of fun on a stand up paddleboard.

Another reason that the morning is the best time of day to stand up padlleboard is that in the morning, you’re likely to encounter less wind. Paddleboarding against the wind can be a real pain. Mornings tend to have far lighter offshore winds, which truly makes SUPing a breeze.

Woman sits with Thurso Surf Tranquility Yoga SUP on Beach

Enjoy the sunset from the beach after a great SUP session.

The Best Time to SUP: Evenings

Evenings have similar advantages to mornings. Like mornings, evenings usually have reduced wind. The wind tends to be at its strongest during the day, so by going out early or late you’re likely to catch the least of it.

Another thing that evenings have in common with mornings that makes them some of the best times of day to paddleboard is their beauty. Ending your day with a sunset on the water is truly special, especially if you’ve had a long day. Stand up paddleboarding can be a much needed stress reducer and calming experience before you head home for the night. You also tend to sleep better if you’ve done a bit of physical activity, so it’s hard to argue against a sunset paddle.

Also, if you’re a more social paddler, evenings are usually a more convenient time to meet up with friends. Shoot for the trifecta – sunset, paddleboard, and beach BBQ. And even if your friends can’t make it, it’s also fun to be out on the water with others. Windsurfers, boats, beach walkers, dog surfers, etc. are all fun to watch from your board.

Food stored in Thurso Surf stand up paddleboard Deck Cooler Bag

Ready for a BBQ anytime of day with the PVC Deck Cooler Bag.

The Best Time to SUP: Daytime

As we said at the beginning the best time of day to SUP is anytime you get the chance. So even if you can’t get out there for a sunrise or sunset, hitting the water during the day of course has its advantages. During certain times of year, the mornings and evenings might be too chilly for your liking. Although comfort can be managed by wearing the appropriate gear, sometimes it’s nice to paddle in warm water under the sun.

Daytime is also great because you tend to stay out longer. You can head out for a paddle, come back to shore and relax, have lunch, etc. and then go back out again before you leave. If you paddle during the day you don’t have to get up early, which can be a struggle for some. It also means you have more time in the evening at home to unwind, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Kids play on beach near Thurso Surf Prodigy Junior SUP

Kids getting creative after paddling their Prodigy Junior SUPs.

The Best Time to SUP: All the Time

All-in-all, anytime you can make it out on the water is the best time of day to SUP. As you can see, every time of day has its advantages. Things like weather and your personal schedule sometimes dictate what your best option is, but since SUPing is fun all year-round regardless of the time of day, you’ll always be able to squeeze in a paddle.

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