There are actually way more than 10 fun activities you can do on a SUP but this post would go on forever! One of the reasons why the sport of paddleboarding has quickly become so popular is the fact that it offers such great versatility. There are an endless number of ways to enjoy your paddle board. There are fun activities you can do on a SUP for all interests, ages, and skill levels.

10 Fun Activities You Can Do On Your SUP

While hard paddle boards are certainly a blast, inflatable SUPs are even more versatile and are the best choice for most paddlers. In this article, we’ll show you just how versatile iSUPs are by listing 10 super fun activities that you can do on an inflatable paddle board.

1. SUP Fitness

Burned out on expensive fitness club memberships and crowded gyms? More and more people are discovering just how enjoyable SUP fitness can be. SUP fitness is a fantastic way to get into the best shape of your life. Plus, paddleboarding gives you a chance to get outside and enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds of nature in the process! Whether that means long-distance paddling, following a program of sprints, joining a workout class in the shallows or a nearby pool, training for a race, or practicing sup yoga, there are dozens of ways to get fit with your sup. Highly recommended!

Where to get started:

  • Self magazine designed simple full-body routine to test your balance, sculpt your body and push your cardio.
  • Men’s Journal put together a 6-week land-based SUP specific training protocol to build your body before you hit the water, but many of the moves they recommend can be taken to the next level on your board.
  • SUPvelocity is dedicated to making you a better SUP athlete. Check out their video series of recommended drills to get your heart racing and hone your paddling technique.

Which board works best?

You can get a great workout on any board, but if you want to get a little more specific, let’s take a look at the options. For long-distance paddling, a touring board like the Expedition will help you go farther faster. For exercise routines, an all-round shape like our Waterwalker is a great fit. For SUP yoga choose a board with a wide beam of at least 30″ (76 cm). Our Tranquility Yoga SUP is a noticeably more forgiving at 34″ (86 cm).

2. Whitewater

If you’re an adrenaline junkie who enjoys the rush of extreme sports activities, whitewater SUP is something that will be right up your alley. Hitting the rapids with an inflatable SUP is a load of fun and is a guaranteed way to get the blood flowing. Worried about damaging your board in the process? Don’t be! You’ll be happy to know that rocks, branches, and other obstacles are no problem thanks to the incredible durability of inflatable SUPs!

best all around sup board

Check out rider Sean Ryan charging the rapids!

Which board works best?

For hitting the rapids you’ll do best with a shorter, more nimble board like our Waterwalker 126. Make sure you wear a PFD and helmet at all times. We also recommend using a hybrid leash so your board won’t drag in the water or spring back at you. It should also have a quick release mechanism, in case it does get caught on rocks or other submerged obstructions. Avoid wearing a leash on your ankle while river paddling.

3. SUP with Your Pup

More and more dog owners are discovering how fun it can be to go paddling with your pooch. Paddleboarding with your dog is a great way to get out and enjoy nature with your four-legged friend, and after just one afternoon on the water, we’re sure you’ll be hooked!

best all around sup board
Head down to the water with your everyday adventure dog! 

Which board works best?

Your SUP pup won’t be too picky. We promise! 😉 There’s plenty of room in your travel bag for your pupper’s PFD too.

4. Multi-Paddler Fun

Grab your favorite fellow paddler and head out on the water for an aquatic picnic or just to hang and relax. Some SUP companies even make oversized inflatable paddle boards these days, giving you a super fun way to get out and enjoy time on the water with family and friends. Paddling a huge inflatable SUP around with a handful of your friends is a great way to build memories and can also be a wonderful team building exercise for businesses.

multiple kids on an all around sup board
Head out with the whole gang! 📸 @soulhappy

Which board works best?

It’s all good as long as you (and the rest of the crew) fit. 😆

5. Surfing

While rigid paddle boards remain the best option for technical surfing maneuvers in competitions or serious wave conditions, inflatable SUPs are a total blast in moderately-sized surf. Surfing is an incredibly fun activity you can do on a SUP and it’s great for relieving stress. The best part is, stand up paddle boarding makes surfing accessible to almost anyone. It’s easier to paddle out, more efficient for catching waves, and stand up paddling cuts out the tricky-to-master ‘pop-up’ that many beginners struggle to overcome.

Where to get started:

You can get started SUP surfing just about anywhere, but here are a few picks from Wavecation to get your creativity going.

Which board works best?

You can have fun in the waves no matter what SUP you ride but the Waterwalker will offer the best performance. They’re a great place to start for beginner SUP surfers.

6. Overnight Camping Trips

Love to explore and go on overnight camping trips? Load your inflatable SUP up with your deck bag, dry bags, a cooler, and camping gear and embark on the trip of a lifetime with some of your closest friends. All of our SUPs come with bungee cord storage areas and D-rings for tying down gear, making it super easy to secure whatever you need for your adventure. If you’re really looking to pack a load you can add extra D-rings. They come in handy for attaching a kayak seat too!

sup deck cooler bag on an all around sup board
Deck Bag engaged!

Where to get started:

Here are some sweet tips on SUP camping from SUP Connect.

If you’re ready to go big, check out their expedition planning guide!

Which board works best?

A longer board means more buoyancy and glide. When you’re packing lots of extra gear, take a look at a touring board like the purpose-built Expedition, or Waterwalker 132 which makes a great all-round platform for long-distance paddling.

7. SUP Fishing

SUP fishing continues to grow in popularity as more and more anglers are discovering the advantages of fishing from a paddle board. Want access to all the best fishing holes without the expense and hassle of a boat, kayak, or canoe? An inflatable SUP is the ultimate fishing tool, giving you an affordable and convenient way to get out on the water!

Where to get started:

Here are a few tips if you’re thinking about outfitting your board to go paddle fishing from Sierra Trading Post.

Which board works best?

A wider, more buoyant SUP is the best choice for a paddleboard to fish from. Look for a board at least 30″ (76 cm). It’s always advisable to pack only what you’ll need for a given fishing trip. Many anglers will find that an all-round board like the Waterwalker gives them access to the shallows and fishing spots the couldn’t otherwise reach while still being versatile enough for fitness, surfing and lots of other activities. However, committed anglers may want to look at a dedicated hardboard with plenty of surface area for coolers and equipment.

8. Racing

For those with a competitive nature, SUP racing is a great activity that is loads of fun and can help you make new friends. Thanks to the sport’s surge in popularity, there are now tons of local SUP racing events going on in all parts of the world.

Where to get started:

SUP Connect maintains an awesome list of paddleboarding races and events worldwide. If you’re into paddling with a big group, you’ll definitely want to bookmark this one.

Which board works best?

For high-level competition and peak performance, purpose-built racing hardboards have the edge over inflatables. But if you’re looking to compete for fun or are interested to see if SUP racing might be right for you, head out with your longest board and lightest paddle.

9. Snorkeling

Loading up your inflatable SUP with snorkeling gear and paddling out to breathtaking locations is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. For even more fun, bring along some lunch and a few friends! For more on snorkeling check out this guide!

swim sup all around board
Jump in and explore beneath the waves!

Where to get started:

Check out the world’s 25 best island beaches for snorkeling by CNTraveler, not to mention some awesome eye-candy.

Which board works best?

Any craft that will get you there. Snorkeling is more about what’s beneath the waves than what’s above them. Have a blast! 🐟🐠🐡

10. Ocean and River Cleanup

Last but certainly not least, give back by doing your part to cleanup our precious waterways. Spend an afternoon paddling and collecting the trash that’s polluting your favorite spots — it’s an enjoyable way to make a difference and it sets a great example for others in your community.

best all around sup board
Keeping our rivers, lakes, oceans, and waterways clean starts at the local level.

Where to get started:

Start local and see how you can get involved at a favorite waterway near you. Search the park service near you for river or ocean cleanup. Here’s where you can find the U.S. National Park Service and Parks Canada for a start.

Which board works best?

You don’t need any special gear to get involved!

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