If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a stand up paddleboarder, you’ve come to the right place. SUPers, like most sports enthusiasts, come in all shapes and sizes along with a diverse range of interests. However, one thing they all share is a passion for standup paddleboarding. Now and again we may struggle to find the perfect gift but not this year! We’ve compiled a list of 25 accessories that are perfect for that special SUP lover in your life.

Of course, before you start planning accessories you’ll need to get a board, fins, paddle, air pump, leash, and carry/storage bag. Thurso Surf has a variety of boards, each of which include all that gear in one fantastic package. However, if you or your giftee already have a board and don’t need a new one, there are more than enough supplementary accessories that will enhance a SUP lover’s experience. For your ease and convenience we’ve broken them down into four sections: Comfort, Convenience, Tech, and Safety. So whether you’re shopping for a tech minded paddler, a safety upgrade, or just something to make the experience that much better, we’ve got you covered!


Gift Idea - Beach Towel

Beach Towel

Getting wet is part of the sport and part of the fun. However, you don’t have to wait until you get back to shore before you dry off. Grab one of these uniquely designed quick dry beach towels so you can dry yourself off before you make it back. Although they’re large, the materials keeps them compact and lightweight, making them easy to bring along with you.

Gift Ideas - Dry Bag Variety

Dry Bag 

Although going for a swim can be part of the fun of paddeboarding, it’s not necessarily all that much fun to find your dry clothes, food, or gear soaked. A quality dry bag can help you avoid a soggy sandwich or wet gear. They come in a variety of sizes to suit any adventure you have planned.


Gift Ideas - Sandals and Water Shoes

Sandals and water shoes are a great piece of gear to add to your collection because of their numerous benefits. Not only do they provide cushioning and support, they also protect your feet from getting beat up on rocks, reefs, submerged trees, or any other nasties you might not see beneath you.


A proper wetsuit can make paddleboarding in cold water fun and comfortable. You don’t need one for the warmer months, but it can make all the difference in cold temperatures and keep you safe and warm in cold water. Best of all, picking up a wetsuit means you get to extend your paddle boarding season!

Kayak Seat

Gift Ideas - Kayak Seat for Thurso Surf Standup Paddleboard

A long day on the water can get a lot more comfortable if you pickup a kayak seat for your stand up paddle board. It’s the perfect accessory for taking a break during paddling, providing a place to rest with comfort and back support. The Thurso Surf’s SUP Kayak Seat D-ring and clip system make it easy to setup, adjust, and remove with ease.

Packable Travel-Ready Hammock

Gift Ideas - Camping Hammock

Although a hammock isn’t something you’ll be using while you’re on a SUP, it’s a great thing to bring along with you. Find an island, empty beach, or the perfect view where you’d like to take a rest and setup one of these hammocks. They’re perfect to travel with because they’re lightweight, compact, and easy to setup.


Gift Ideas - Thurso Surf Deck Cooler Bag

Deck Cooler Bag

Dry bags help keep your gear dry, but they won’t keep your food and drinks cool. Pick up one of these handy deck cooler bags and enjoying a refreshing cold beverage and fresh food while you’re out on the water. There’s nothing like a picnic on a SUP!

Water Bottle

Gift Idea - Water Bottle

If you already have a deck cooler bag or are looking for something that can keep your drinks extra cool, it’s time to grab an insulated water bottle. Here’s one that promises 24 hours of cold. Not only that, but they’re dishwasher safe and come with a lifetime warranty! Oh, and if you’re a cold weather paddler, no worries; these also promise to keep your liquid hot for 12 hours, so you’re covered year round.

Electric Pump

Gift Idea - Thurso Surf Electric Pump

Double action hand pump’s are great, but electrical pumps can make getting your board fully inflated even easier. Save time and energy with one of these compact and light weight pumps, conveniently powered from a car cigarette lighter. Featuring high air volume for fast inflation and a digital PSI pneumatic reader, you can set it so it automatically shuts off when it hits your desired PSI.


Gift Ideas - Thurso Surf Carbon Elite Paddle

Sometimes paddles need to be replaced or maybe you’re looking for an upgrade. The Thurso Surf Carbon Elite SUP Paddle is a great option to enhance performance. Extremely lightweight, the full carbon construction paddle only weighs 27 oz / 765 g. As a three-piece fully adjustable paddle, it also benefits from a spring and ball double-lock system making it easy to travel with, store, and assemble.


Depending on the SUPer, an anchor could be the perfect accessory. Although they’re not a necessity for all paddlers, someone who fishes, snorkels, or is simply looking to maintain a consistent position could find it incredibly useful. This anchor’s compact size makes it easy to store on a SUP without taking up too much room or adding too much weight.

Inflatable SUP Roller Backpack

Depending on how you transport your inflatable SUP and where you paddle from, upgrading to a Roller Backpack could make all the difference. Its premium nylon outer shell can cope with the sun, sea, and sand, giving your board and gear excellent protection. And although it’s a backpack like most iSUP bags, this one has the added convenience of a set of wheels and a comfy handle that makes any long distance walk that much easier. Roller backpacks are included with any of our full-sized SUP packages.


Gift Ideas - GoPro Camera

GoPro Camera

GoPros have come a long way and the latest model continues to impress with better image stabilization than ever. Action cameras are great at capturing your entire adventure. Sure they’re great on the water, but you can also capture everything from the road trip that got you there, to the camp fire stories at the end of the day. If you’re looking to record your adventures and memories, these are a top notch option.

Gift Ideas - Board Mounts for Camera and Floaty

GoPro Accessories (Board Mounts & Floatation Case)

Board mounts allow you to go hands free, which certainly helps while you’re paddling. Whereas the floatation case will give you the peace of mind that you’ll be able to see and retrieve your camera even if it accidentally takes a plunge.


Gift Ideas - Drone

DJI has been putting out impressive drones since its beginning and the most recent addition is no exception. The Mavic Mini is the perfect companion to capture those memorable moments. Its compact size, competitive price point, and all the bells and whistles one expects from DJI makes it hard to resist!

Performance Monitor

Holiday Gift Guide 2019 - NK SpeedCoach SUP - Model 2

For those SUP lovers looking to get serious about their paddling, the SpeedCoach SUP Model 2 is a great option. It offers critical information about speed, stroke rate, distance, and time. And with the optional Training Pack you can program any workout ahead of time, as well as start and record pieces of your training without letting go of the paddle.

Waterproof Watch

Holiday Gift Guide 2019 - GARMIN Descent Mk1 Watch

If you don’t need all the bells and whistles of a full-featured performance monitor, opt for a simple waterproof watch. Knowing the exact time can help you keep on schedule during your paddle. And of course if you’re looking for something in between, there are a variety of options depending on what’s important to you (GPS, heart monitoring, distance, speed). If you’re ready to step up to a smartwatch, Garmin’s Vivoactive series delivers the essential data a budget conscious paddler needs and the Fenix series takes it up to the pro level.

Waterproof Smart Phone Case

Gift Ideas - Thurso Surf Waterproof Smartphone Case

These days our phones travel with us everywhere. Whether you’re carrying your phone as your primary camera, to contact someone in case of emergency, or to track your paddle distance and fitness, smart phones are an indispensable piece of gear to have on hand. If it’s coming out on the water, it makes sense to keep it safe with a waterproof smart phone case.

Waterproof Speaker

Gift Ideas - Waterproof Speaker

Bring your music along on the water or listen to it at your paddle destination. Waterproof speakers make a great gift. Not only are they safe and easy to take along on your board, the sound quality and volume is impressive, even outdoors. Plus, they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to match any taste.



A pair of polarized sunglasses is essential if you’re spending time out in the sun. Sure they’re great if you’re trying to add a bit of coolness to your ensemble, but they also protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. They also  help you as a paddler enjoy the scenery instead of having to squint your way through a sunny day.

Eyewear Retainer

No need to worry about losing your sunglasses to the water with one of these. Eyewear retainers are a convenient piece of kit that give you a peace of mind for when the water gets rough or you accidentally fall in with your sunglasses on. They’re comfortable, durable, and come in a variety of styles and colors, so you’re sure to find something appropriate for any type of SUP lover.


Gift Ideas - Sunscreen for Standup Paddleboarders

Sunscreen might not be the most glamorous gift, but it’s something all SUP lovers (should) use. Proper sun protection is important while you’re out on the water. A bad sun burn stings and, worse of all, can keep you from heading back out the next day. Stuff your stockings with some quality sunscreen this holiday season so you and yours can paddle comfortably day after day.

Sun Shirt

Gift Ideas - Sun Shirt / Rash Guard

Another way to keep the sun off your back (pun most definitely intended!) Is to wear a shirt or rash guard while you’re out on the water. Although you can get away with any material, cotton holds water whereas something like this sun shirt is quick drying. That way you can fall in or even intentionally swim in it without having to wait for it to dry off.


A good hat goes a long way while you’re out on the water. They can shade your eyes, protect the top of your head from sun burn, and, if you get a full-brim hat, you’ll even have some neck protection from the sun. There are a variety of options out there, so you’re sure to find something that suits the style you’re looking for.

Personal Floatation Device (PFD)

Gift Ideas - Waist Belt Personal Floatation Device (PFD)

If you’re a standup paddle boarder you should already have a personal floatation device (PFD). However, because they come in a variety of styles you might be looking for an upgrade or something a little different from what you already have. Some people prefer vests and if you get the right one they can be comfy and still provide you with a full range of motion. Another option is a waistbelt PFD. There’s also nothing wrong with having both in your quiver. That way you can decide which to wear based on your activity.

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