Electric SUP Pump Overview

If you’ve already been out on an inflatable paddle board then you know inflating it without an electric SUP pump takes time and energy. There may be times when you want to conserve as much energy as possible, get on the water quick, or possibly have multiple boards that need to be inflated (if you’re paddling with a group). Those are the times having an inflatable SUP pump can come in handy. Just like a manual hand pump, an electric paddle board pump is an air pump that allows you to inflate your iSUP to the desired PSI level. Brief refresher – PSI is simply the amount of air pressure you want to inflate your board to. Just like car tires, they all have a specific PSI level. We recommend inflating Thurso Surf paddleboards to 15 PSI.

Electric pumps come in all shapes and sizes because they can be used for all sorts of things. If you’re using yours specifically for stand up paddle boarding we highly recommend getting one designed exactly for that. Non-SUP specific pumps can get unnecessarily large and heavy and have all sorts of additional features you don’t need that simply make them more expensive. One of the greatest advantages of inflatable SUPs is that they’re easy to pack up and travel with, so it makes sense to get a pump that can do the same.

Woman kneeling next to Thurso Surf Waterwalker all-around SUP shows how to use a SUP electric pump

Inflate your iSUP quickly and easily with an electric pump.

Why Use an Inflatable Paddle Board Electric Pump?

An electric paddle board pump is physically less demanding. If you’re pumping up several inflatable boards you can increase your inflation speed while preserving your energy compared to using a manual pump. That’s often the case if you’re with a large group or your own family. It can be hard enough to wrangle the kids while they’re already so excited about being at the beach and ready to go out on the water. Having an electric pump can help you easily inflate your boards while you or your partner helps to get the kids ready.

Electric pumps even come in handy if it’s just you and a friend. Maybe they’re new to the sport or you’re on a tight schedule. With an electric pump you can run them through the basics and finish packing up the car while the paddle boards inflate. And if you’re really in a hurry you can use a manual pump to inflate one board while you use the electric pump on another. So not only can and electric pump save you time by simply plugging it in to a cigarette lighter, it can save you energy even before you get on the water.

One downside is that electric air pumps tend to be heavier than the manual pump included with your iSUP. However, that’s one of the main differences with Thurso Surf’s Electric Pump; it was designed with adventure in mind (which usually means travel), so it’s small and surprisingly lightweight. It’s an electric SUP air pump built for paddle boarders. It comes with its own protective case, so you can toss it in with the rest of your gear and be on your way. Traveling or heading out with a group? Save everyone’s energy and bring your electric pump with you to do all the work. It’s an incredibly portable pump that makes it a great option for paddlers.

Product image of Thurso Surf electric pump showing what's included (pump body, inflation/deflation hose, cigarette lighter power cord, 12V batter cables, and carry case)

Thurso Surf’s Electric Pump comes with its own protective carrying case, a flexible inflation hose, and two options to power it (cigarette lighter or alligator clips for a 12V car battery).

Parts of an Electric Pump

The Thurso Surf electric iSUP pump is designed for ease of use and is quite simple to put to work. It consists of:

Body: Equipped with a pneumatic dial (PSI gauge) the air pressure can be set from 1-15 PSI. When the set value is reached, the pump will automatically stop so you don’t have to worry about overinflating your paddle board. There are also two connection ports where you can attach the hose to either inflate or deflate your iSUP, a socket for the power cord adaptor of your choice, and of course on and off buttons. An additional feature on the body you’ll notice is the four suction cup feet that will help keep the pump base fixed in place if it’s on a slick, smooth surface.

Inflation hose: Strong flexible inflation hose (for inflation and deflation) that works with all of Thurso Surf’s iSUPs and any other inflatable products with the standard Halkey-Roberts valve found on most inflatables.

Cigarette lighter power cord: Power cord lighter plug that connects to the body of the pump that you insert into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter.

12V battery cables: If you don’t have a vehicle that has a cigarette lighter you can use this power cord to connect to the terminals of a 12V battery. So, even if you don’t own a car or someone’s off-roading while you want to inflate your SUP, you can get your power from a 12 volt battery you keep at camp.

How to Use Your Electric SUP Pump

From start to finish the inflation process is simple and quite similar to using a manual air pump.

Step 1: Choose your power cord (cigarette lighter or alligator clips) and connect it to the power source (a car or a 12 volt battery) and the body of the electric pump.

Step 2: Attach the inflation pump hose to the inflation valve on the body of the pump and to the valve on your iSUP.

Step 3: Set the gauge to your target PSI. We recommend 15 PSI for Thurso Surf iSUPs. The pump is a two-stage pump that has two inflation stages. Stage 1 is high volume for fast inflation in the beginning, and Stage 2 is for inflating the board to a higher pressure (you don’t have to do anything as it adjusts automatically).

Step 4: Press the power button for rapid inflation (sit back and relax, stow away your board bag, stretch, pack your Deck Cooler Bag, or just stand and appreciate the hum of automatic SUP inflation).

Step 5: Wait for the auto shut-off function, detach the hose, unplug the power cord, and stow away your portable air pump.

It’s really just that simple. You can even use it to deflate your inflated paddle board once you’re done for the day making it easier to pack your deflated SUP into your SUP Roller Backpack. Just plug it in (lighter socket/cigarette plug or portable battery), attach the flexible inflation hose to the detach port on the pump base, and turn on the inflatable paddle board pump.

Close up of SUP electric pump in carry bag next to Thurso Surf Waterwalker all-around SUP with lake and mountains in the background

Pack up your pump and store it with the rest of your gear for easy transport.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Our Answers

Is there a warranty on pumps?

Yes. There is a 1-Year Manufacturer Limited Warranty on all iSUP pumps from date of purchase. We guarantee against any abnormal defects in workmanship and materials within this period. More info on the 1-year warranty here.

How long does it take to inflate a paddle board?

Inflation with the hand pump can take between 5 and 10 minutes, depending on the pump used (double or triple action pump). Electric pumps take under 10 minutes, with no effort involved.

How difficult is it to pump up an inflatable paddle board?

Not difficult at all. Our iSUP pump is a dual-action pump that allows you to “switch gears” when the pumping gets increasingly difficult. While pumping your board up will give you some exercise, it’s something anyone can do in 10 minutes or so.
If you aren’t in the mood for a hand pump, we offer an electric pump as well.

What are the advantages of using an electric pump?

While manual inflation can serve as a good warm-up for stand-up paddle boarding, it sometimes can take more effort. Our electric pump can inflate a THURSO SURF board to 15 PSI in less than 10 minutes, so you can save your energy for paddling further, faster, and having more fun on the water.

What’s the recommended air pressure for THURSO SURF boards?

We recommend pumping your board up to 12-15 psi. Our dual-action pump comes with an easy-to-read, built-in pressure gauge which will tell you exactly how much air pressure is in your board.
Family of mom, dad, and son carrying their Thurso Surf stand up paddle boards on the beach to the ocean

An electric SUP pump allows you to easily inflate multiple paddle boards without working up a sweat.

Grab Your Electric Inflatable Paddleboard Pump and Get Out on the Water

As you can see, a paddle board electric pump is easy to use and saves you time, energy, and any hassle. You have the option of how you want to power it (car lighter or portable battery). The PSI gauge lets you set your target PSI (the auto shut-off prevents it from over-inflating). The flexible pump hose allows you to inflate and deflate your iSUP with the inflatable paddleboard pump. And, because it’s a small, compact portable air pump you don’t have to add that much additional weight to your gear. All-in-all, an electric inflatable paddle board pump is a great addition for any type of stand up paddle boarder. It buys you time to get the kids suited up for your family paddle adventure, saves your partner from sore muscles, let’s you warm up for yoga, or just gives you time to crack a cold beverage and wait for your iSUP to inflate.

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