When first introduced to inflatable paddle boards, one might get the impression that durability isn’t a strong point. It’s easy to think of inflatable pool toys when hearing the phrase “inflatable SUP.” But the two are worlds apart.

The reality is a well-built inflatable paddle board is incredibly durable, rigid, and capable of delivering a paddling experience that’s very similar to that of a rigid board. At THURSO SURF, all of our iSUPs are designed to hold up to serious use, and in this article we’re going to give you a brief overview of how our boards are made.

Double Layer Construction, Triple/Quad PVC Coatings

All THURSO SURF inflatable SUPs feature ultra-durable, double layer construction for the ultimate toughness and rigidity. We begin with a nylon drop stitch core (see #1 in the diagram) stitched on a high tenacity polyester fabric (#2). The fabric is then laminated with a military grade PVC layer (#3). Then, a PVC tarpaulin composed of high tenacity polyester fabric (#2) coated with two PVC layers (#3) on both sides is added. Finally, we complete the process by gluing these two layers together with a strong composite adhesive. The rails (III and V) on the sides and the reinforcement seams on both deck and bottom (IV) are heavily reinforced with two layers of PVC tarpaulins, which effectively have FOUR PVC coatings. On the exterior of the PVC tarpaulin, a UV coating (#4) is applied to prevent the board from damage by direct sunshine.

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sup construction decompose layers

When everything is said and done, the result is essentially a bombproof board that can withstand extremely high pressures. Unlike cheaper, single layer inflatable paddle boards that only hold up for a short while, all THURSO SURF inflatables are built to last and backed by a rock-solid 2-year warranty. We build superior, durable inflatable SUPs that are meant to be used in even the most demanding conditions, and we stand behind everything we make.

Stunning, Original Graphic Printing

Unlike some boards’ plain or complicated appearance, THURSO SURF inflatable paddle boards feature stunning, elegant high definition graphics on the deck (#5). Inspired by natural elements such as wood, water, and air, our top designers present the most classic and elegant art that a paddle board can offer. The artwork is integrally stamped on the deck using our exclusive printing techniques, rendering a spectacular look that will stand out from all other boards.

An iSUP that will Last for Years!

When it comes to inflatable paddle boards, not all iSUPs are created equal. So it’s important to understand how a company’s boards are made and what type of materials they use. While there will always be cheaper boards on the market, we at THURSO SURF believe that our iSUP lineup offers the ultimate blend of affordability and durability. If you’re looking for a well-made board that’s built to last and won’t break the bank, we’re certain that THURSO SURF won’t leave you feeling disappointed.

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About the Author: Matt G.

Matt Gelgota is a traveler and all around digital marketing guy. His greatest adventure to date was the Mongol Rally, a 10,000 mile unsupported on and off-road saga from Sweden to Mongolia. He has visited more than 50 countries and has been paddling a Thurso Surf Expedition since 2018. Since then he’s had a chance to paddle board in Nepal, Thailand, Japan, and the US. When he’s not on the road he divides his time between Tokyo and Atlanta, Georgia.

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