Time sure flies when you are having so much summer SUP fun! In the blink of an eye, Labor Day weekend is just around the corner, signaling the unofficial end of the swimsuit season. It may be bittersweet for some, but don’t fret! You can use this final long weekend of the summer to get one last warm weather session on your board. Whether you are staying close to home or going on a getaway, here are some creative ways to have the perfect Labor Day on your paddleboard!

Woman carrying a stand-up paddleboard in a roller backpack

Where will you take your paddleboard on Labor Day?

Top Five Ideas for a Perfect Labor Day with your SUP

1. Enjoy a Labor Day Picnic on your SUP

If you’ve never dined on your paddleboard, why not take this opportunity to try it out! Prep some easy-to-eat food like sandwiches, chips, granola bars, and apples (check out this post for inspiration), grab a few sodas, and store everything in a SUP cooler bag which keeps everything fresh, cool, and dry. You could use a regular cooler, but ones designed for paddleboards clip on your board’s deck in a snap and are waterproof. Paddle out with friends and family to a scenic and calm spot, then anchors away! Your board becomes your own personal floating dock and is such a unique place to have a picnic. Just be sure to take any garbage back with you.

Kid sits on a paddleboarding, drinking a can of pop he got from an open deck bag on the board

Share some goodies for your SUP picnic!

2. Explore Your Local Nature Park during Labor Day

Labour Day is a nice time to immerse yourself in nature, as you’ll be refreshed and calm for the back-to-school or back-to-work madness. Take your SUP board to your local nature park and paddle the waterways, admiring the calm, beauty, and serenity of a natural setting. Many parks offer tips for watercraft users on their websites, with suggested routes and launch points. You might even be able to pre-book your entrance ticket, avoiding long lines at the gate. We also suggest bringing a SUP kayak conversion kit to get into kayak mode for a change of pace. It’s perfect for longer excursions when you just want to sit and chill while still exploring and enjoying.

Man carries Thurso Surf Max along forested trail for his planned overnight SUP camping trip

Immerse yourself in nature

3. Plan a Labor Day Weekend Getaway

Taking a long weekend trip? Don’t leave home without your SUP! An inflatable paddleboard easily packs down to fit in your car or can be stowed fully inflated on your roof using soft roof racks. Travelling with your paddleboard is always a good idea. You can hit the water anytime and anywhere, without the hassle having to search and pay for a rental. Hello sunrise session! Plus it’s so cool to do some sightseeing via your SUP board. You’ll get the best views, a unique perspective, and be able to paddle away from the weekender crowds on shore. A SUP carrier strap, plus our boards’ built-in paddle holders, keep your hands free while transporting your paddleboard down to the shore. 

thurso surf paddle board sup category

SUPs for paddlers of all sizes

4. Watch the Labor Day Fireworks from your Paddle Board

Speaking of best views, have you ever watched fireworks from your board? It’s something every paddler should experience at least once! The feeling of being on the water while watching a pyrotechnic display light up the night sky above is magical. Pick a spot that is a safe distance from the fireworks and don’t forget to clip on some lights to the front and back of your board so you are visible to other boats in the water. Have your phone safely stored in a waterproof case for quick access and to snap a few pics. Just keep in mind that paddleboarding in the dark can be disorienting, so scope out the site ahead of time, know your landmarks well, and stay close to shore. Check out this article from our friends at SUPBoarder Mag for more great night paddling tips!

Three people holding Thurso Surf stand up paddleboards on shore while looking out to the water

Beach day fun for everyone!

5. Beach Fun

A day at the beach is always fun for Labour Day! Pack the car full of snacks, drinks, sunscreen, beach toys, and, of course, your SUP! Arrive early to beat the crowds and nab the best spot. Ideally, you’ll want to be near the shoreline for spontaneous SUP adventures. An all-arounder with an adjustable paddle lets everyone use the board, or bring out a mega board to let the little ones and pups hop on. Or you can even get the kids and teens their very own boards! How cool would that be? When not in use, treat your SUPs right and keep them out of the sun. 

Labor Day Fun Starts with Your SUP!

No matter how you choose to spend your Labor Day weekend, we just know you’re going to have a good one! Adding a paddleboard to the mix will make it even more special and memorable. Have fun, be safe, and let us know what you are up to by tagging us on the socials. Happy paddling!




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