Over the past few years, inflatable SUP manufacturing has advanced to the point where the performance of today’s best iSUPs is very similar to that of hard paddle boards. Inflatable paddle boards have gotten lighter and more rigid. Now they combine excellent performance and durability with all the portability and convenience that only iSUPs offer.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the top seven reasons why you should consider buying an inflatable paddle board instead of a rigid board. If you’re in the market for a stand up paddle board, we hope that this information will be useful in helping you make the right decision.

REASON #1: Inflatable Paddle Boards are Safer

Inflatable paddle boards are capable of being pumped up to very high pressures and offer excellent rigidity. They are also more forgiving than a hard board when it comes to bumps and knocks. Falling on an inflatable SUP is less likely to cause injury than falling on a rigid paddle board, making iSUPs the better choice as far as safety is concerned.

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Although rigid and easy to ride, inflatable stand up paddleboards are far more forgiving than hard boards when falls happen. 

REASON #2: iSUPs are Easy to Store

Unlike hard paddle boards that require large, dedicated storage areas inside of your home or garage, inflatable SUPs can literally be stashed anywhere. A deflated and rolled-up iSUP can be stashed under your bed, in a closet, and just about anywhere else you can imagine.

REASON #3: Inflatable SUPs are Easy to Transport

Rigid paddle boards require expensive accessories like roof racks and trailers to transport. But inflatable paddle boards can be tossed in the backseat or trunk of any vehicle. All of our Thurso Surf SUP packages come with a quality travel backpack which makes it easy to hike and bike with your board on your shoulders.

REASON #4: Inflatable Paddle Boards are More Durable

Unlike Hard SUPs that are susceptible to dings and cracks, well-built inflatable paddle boards are virtually bombproof. iSUPs are ding-proof and capable of withstanding an extreme amount of abuse. That makes them an ideal choice whenever durability is a top concern. Our iSUPs feature the strongest inflatable paddleboard construction currently available on the market for the ultimate toughness, rigidity and durability.

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Dive into the details of SUP construction over here.

REASON #5: Inflatable SUPs are Travel-Friendly

Going on an island vacation where you’d love to do some paddling? An inflatable SUP can be rolled-up and checked in with the rest of your luggage. That way you can paddle anywhere in the world without having to worry about expensive paddle board rental fees!

man and woman walk with iSUP backpacks to fly with stand up paddle board

Learn our top 5 travel tips for flying with your SUP.

REASON #6: iSUPs are Lighter

Inflatable SUPs continue to get lighter and lighter. This makes them the perfect choice for children and anyone who has difficulty handling heavy and cumbersome hard paddle boards. Even when fully inflated, inflatable SUPs are extremely easy to carry around without additional assistance.

REASON #7: Inflatable SUPs are More Versatile

Inflatable SUPs can be used for a wide range of paddling activities and conditions. From SUP fitness to surfing to fishing to whitewater, iSUPs can handle anything and everything you can throw at them.

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