The Thurso Surf Water Walker 126 has been awarded one of the “Top rated All-Around SUPs for 2020 by SUP industry leader This is the third consecutive year in a row that Thurso Surf has received this award. We have also received 9+ ratings from SUPBoardGuide for each of our inflatable stand up paddle boards this year such as the Water Walker series, Expedition 138, Max 138, and Tranquility 128 paddle boards this year. logo“We’ve found them pleasant to work with, and quick to respond to our questions about their products. Their SUPs have constantly improved year over year, and with the great additions to the Waterwalker 126 we look forward to seeing what they’ll do next.” Justin,

About exists to help people learn everything they can about stand up paddleboarding. Besides articles that will help you have a better paddle boarding experience, they also review paddleboards and rank them based upon five distinct factors. Their review criteria for paddleboards, including Thurso Surf, are based upon the following criteria: 

  • Versatility. What sort of activities can you use this paddleboard for?
  • Construction. How durable is the paddleboard? How heavy? How does it feel?
  • Stability. How easy is it to stand on? How many people can you bring with you?
  • Appearance. What does the board look like? Does it have multiple color options?
  • Performance.  How is maneuverability? How is the tracking? How is the glide?

About Thurso Surf

When we started Thurso Surf, it was with a single 11’ paddleboard. Today, we offer 9 different paddleboards that consist of all-around boards, touring boards, yoga boards, and even boards great for kids. Founded by Shenglong You, an experienced engineer with PhD experience in fluid dynamics, we design our paddleboards to offer some of the most competitive performance on the market. Our paddleboards are specifically designed to reduce drag, causing them to be both faster and more stable in the water. You’ll recognize Thurso Surf SUPs not just for their great performance, but also for our wood grain design printed on our boards. We hope our boards will help you find peace as you explore nature, but will also help you stand out and have fun as you paddle in the water!