As we slowly creep up to the first official day of winter, there are fewer places to go paddle boarding. Frozen lakes, snow, and cool temperatures are the norm this time of year for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. However, this makes winter the perfect season to plan a warm weather SUP getaway. We looked to some well travelled paddleboarders for inspiration and added our own recommendations to put together a list of some of the best places to go paddle boarding in the sun when it’s cold in the north. So pack up your inflatable SUP and go! There’s nothing like the freedom of travelling with your own board. 

SUP Community Recommendations

Seville, Spain

Paddleboarder on the water in Seville, Spain

Paddling among the gorgeous scenery in Seville, Spain

If you are looking for 300 days of sunshine, you can find it in Spain. Matt Brittain of SUP Connect suggests hitting up Seville, located in the southwest region of Spain. Although a city might seem like an odd recommendation for paddleboarding, its location near the Andalusian countryside makes it a unique destination. Seville is perfect for those who want the convenience and excitement of staying in a city but with access to a variety of waterways in gorgeous, natural settings. Paddle on one of the nearby lakes or take a day trip to Doñana National Park on the Atlantic Ocean in the morning,  and then return to the city in time for dinner and the nightlife. The best of both worlds! 

Alonnisos, Greece

Beau Nixon of SUPBoarder and Travel With a Paddle took his inflatable SUP on an adventure in Greece. He chose the island of Alonnisos, the only inhabited island in Greece’s National Marine Park. This park is the largest protected marine area in Europe and is the home of the endangered Mediterranean Monk Seal. Located in the Aegean Sea, there is plenty of opportunity for snorkelling and diving the reefs and coves and exploring shipwrecks but, as Beau says, “stand up paddle is the perfect way to get a glimpse of the ocean life around these islands.” Expect to see dolphins, fish, octopus, and more!

Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

Paddling with sharks, sea lions, turtles, and iguanas is a dream for most paddlers and the Galápagos Islands in Ecuador is just the place to do it. The Galápagos is a UNESCO World Heritage Site consisting of 21 islands and is considered one of the best places in the world to view wildlife. You can snorkel, kayak, hike, and, of course, paddleboard! SUP adventurer Diana Lee got to explore the islands with land-based tour operator Galawiki which included paddleboading on Isla Floreana at sunset with sea lions, turtles, and marine iguanas, and along the cliffs and mangroves of Santa Cruz with playful sea lions. 

Our Recommendations

Boracay, Philippines

Woman paddling on a SUP with two kids sitting on the board

Sharing a board with the local kids in Boracay, Philippines

A popular destination in the Philippines, Boracay sits in the central Western Visayas region of the country. Beautiful resorts and gorgeous sandy beaches dot this small island. Stay on the west side to enjoy the warm, clear waters sheltered from the strong east winds. There are SUP rentals on the beach, but the quality varies, so bring your own SUP if you can. Get on your board to enjoy the crystal clean waters as you gaze out to the colourful catamarans and fishing boats. Boracay has been listed as one of the best beaches in the world. Unfortunately, its popularity led to pollution and problems with the infrastructure. In 2018, the government shut down the island for a major cleanup and infrastructure overhaul. Boracay reopened and is now better, with an emphasis on sustainability. 

Kauai, Hawaii

Woman jumping on the beach in Kauai

Jumping for joy on Hanalei Beach in Kauai, Hawaii

Is there no dreamier vacation spot than Hawaii? Considered by some to be the birthplace of modern-day SUP, the Hawaiian islands are a paddleboarder’s dream. The island of Kauai is one of the smaller, less busy islands and is very easy to navigate and explore. Rent a car, pop your iSUP in the trunk, and choose your adventure; Hawaiian laws state that all beaches are publicly owned and are therefore accessible. Go for a scenic flat water paddle at Hanalei Bay or try some SUP surfing at the beginner friendly Poipu.  Wherever you end up on the island, you can’t go wrong! Did you know that Kauai served as the location for movies such as Jurassic Park and King Kong? 

Tulum, Mexico

Paddleboarder on Thurso Surf Waterwalker demonstrates how to paddle a lush jungle cenote in the Yucatan sheltering in a cave behind roots from rain

Enjoying a lush jungle cenote in the Yucatan sheltered from the rain

Variety is the spice of life and you can find paddling diversity in Tulum, Mexico. Enjoy the deliciously warm weather and explore a vast array of waterways and scenery via SUP. Located in the Yucatán Peninsula, Tulum sits on the Caribbean coastline. You can paddle lagoons and reefs, and view ruins from your SUP board. It is perfect for those who love to paddle in the ocean but would also like to do some unique exploration. We highly recommend paddling the cenotes, which are deep pools tucked away in the jungle. So cool! 


There are so many gorgeous, warm places to visit and paddle. Having an inflatable board makes it super easy to SUP anywhere in the world. Whether you decide to visit the monk seals in Greece or the cenotes in Mexico, take your favourite board wherever you go so you can paddle anywhere and everywhere. Bon voyage!

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About the Author: Jordan-na

Jordan-na Belle-Isle is a Toronto-based SUP instructor, lake surfer, and writer. Born in Montreal, she has been sporty her whole life and discovered stand-up paddleboarding in 2013. Since then, she has been active in the SUP scene, paddling and surfing the Great Lakes year-round. Jordan-na is a patient and encouraging instructor. She obtained her first SUP instructor certification in 2017 and has been teaching ever since. She has worked with Surf the Greats and Toronto Island SUP, running everything from group classes, to one-on-one training, to winter SUP safety clinics, to team-building events for clients and partners such as Google, Brown Girl Outdoor World, L’Oreal, Swim Drink Fish, and Ryerson University. She currently holds an Advanced SUP Instructor certification with Paddle Canada and is Bronze Cross certified with the Ontario Lifesaving Society. A recognizable face in the Great Lakes SUP and surf scene, her image has been used in a national campaign for Tourism Canada and she has been interviewed by several media outlets such as SUP Connect, Breakfast Television, Daily Hive News, and the Toronto Star. She was also the subject of a short documentary film titled ‘In Winter.’ A skilled writer with a masters degree from the University of Toronto, her work has appeared in Explore Magazine and she is a regular contributor to the Thurso Surf blog and Surf the Greats Journal. She is a co-organizer for Lake Surfistas, a grassroots group that connects, empowers, and educates women who surf and SUP the Great Lakes year-round.

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